About Us


     Many people ask why make a website and spend hours on end creating something that doesn't make money.  Well our reasons were this, there were no Disney Dollar websites About Usin existence that focused solely on Disney Dollars.   Around August 2006 I set about to make a new website about Disney Dollars.


     Since September 2006 the site has been greatly updated and improved.  We hope it has been useful and provided useful information.  Albeit to some, useless information.  Either way,  Disney Dollars are a great collection to have.   And as long as people are willing to visit and desire to learn about Disney Dollars, then I will will continue to update and run this site.  Sorry about the ads, but I have to pay for the site somehow.  As it cost around $250 a year to run.  Well if you have any questions feel free to ask.  Thanks for visiting.


My Favorite Disney Dollars